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Unit 4 Research Paper 1: Port Expander Learning Objectives and Outcomes This assignment addresses the learning objective “Describe the operation of the motherboard and different types of buses located on it.” The expected learning outcomes that will result from completing the assignment are: * You will be able to explain the type of I/O ports available on a port expander. * You will be able to explain whether port expanders are specific to a computer or generic in nature, working with any type of computer. * You will be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a port expander. Assignment Requirements 1. Search the Internet for information on “port expander.” 2. List the types of ports available on the expander hardware. Include screen shots of actual port expanders in an appendix to your completed assignment. 3. Determine whether port expanders are made for specific types of computers, or if they generic devices that will work with any computer. 4. You should also discuss the possible advantages and disadvantages of using a port expander. Required Resources In addition to having read Chapter 4 to become familiar with the different buses available on the motherboard, you will need to search the Internet for information on port expanders. Submission Specifications Submit the results of your work using the following specifications: File Format: Microsoft Word (.doc /.docx) Length: 1-2 pages Font: Arial 10-point Line Spacing: Double Self-Assessment Checklist The following checklist will help you prepare for the graded activity and/or assess the deliverable(s) as you prepare to submit them. I have read Chapter 4 of the textbook. | * | I have located information on port expanders. | * | I have written the assignment submission document and spell-checked it. | * | I have

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