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Award in Education and Training – Assignment One Answer the below questions in paragraphs researching your answers from the course, books and the internet. Make sure you save your work to your computer. Learning outcome 1: Understand the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training Task 1 Unit 1 (U1) Assessment Criteria (AC 1.1) – Complete the following table and question to identify your roles and responsibilities as a teacher. (Please attach additional pagers and/or evidence as required.) Tick the box of those responsibilities that relate to your role: Tick Teach/train learners – Large groups / Teach/train learners – small groups / Mark assignments and give feedback / Work with learners on a 1:1 basis / Register the learner with the awarding body / Assess the learner’s work product / Observe the learner in situ / Mark the work against national standards / Make regular appointments to support the learner to achievement / Give positive feedback / Submit assessed work for formative/summative internal assurance and standardisation / Carry out internal quality assurance / Attend training meetings and gain feedback / Be a positive role model for your learners / Task 2 U1 AC 1.1 - Now we have identified some of your roles and responsibilities, explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training. (Please attach any additional sheets and supporting evidence.) (Gravells 2012) Teaching is about helping someone reach their full potential, whether this is for personal or professional reasons. The role of a teacher is a widely debated subject. Some claim we should not teach we should facilitate. The difference being a teacher is often the one who holds all the knowledge where as a facilitator makes the pupils become involved in their own learning. For this assignment I will talk about the training cycle and
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