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iLab Grading Rubric Category | Points | Description | Section 1Converting Decimal to Binary and Binary to Decimal—20 Points Total * Task 1 * Task 2 * Task 3 * Summary Paragraph | 8 228 | Perform the indicated conversions and post the required problems to your answer sheet.In your own words, summarize what you have learned concerning network commands available within the Windows operating system. | Section 2Classifying Network Addressing Lab—20 Points Total * Task 1 * Task 2 * Task 3 * Task 4 * Problem 1 * Problem 2 * Summary Paragraph | | Required ScreenshotAnswer the question or provide the required observation when requested.In your own words, summarize what you have learned about the Network Monitor. | Total | 40 | | ------------------------------------------------- Name: Charley Baskett Date: 08/16/2013 Professor: Biao Jiang ------------------------------------------------- Converting Decimal to Binary and Binary to Decimal (20 points) Instructions for the Binary Conversion Exercise: NOTE! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CLICK ON THE DIAGRAM TO START THE LAB. The diagram displayed during the experiment is not used. The only buttons that you need to be concerned about are the Suggested Approach and the Sample Solution. Write a paragraph (a minimum of five college-level sentences) below that summarizes what was accomplished in this lab, what you learned by performing it, how it relates to this week’s TCOs and other course material, and just as importantly, how you feel it will benefit you in your academic and professional career. (8 points) What I have accomplished in this week’s lab, is how to convert Binary into decimal using a certain formula from the network chart table, as well as how to convert binary into decimal. I have also learned how to

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