Pornography and Ethical Viewpoints

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Megan Delawder Pornography Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility January 19th 2014 Instructor John Meeks Over the years there have been many arguments and debates over the morality of pornography. I believe it is important to identify the definition of pornography. This essay will define pornography as sexually explicit materials, such as pictures or videos, which downgrade women. Utilitarianism believes pornography would have to bring out more happiness than the absence of pornography for it to be moral. With that being said, pornography could be moral if it brought out happiness after viewing pornographic material. Pornography is something that has been around for many years, there have been many debates on whether or not pornography is moral or immoral. From Utilitarianism view on pornography it is said to be morally correct as long as it brought happiness and pleasure for people for the greater good. An example of this would be through an artistic viewpoint. An artist painting a naked woman or naked man would see pornography as something beautiful or stunning, and that it would help create art. Something this beautiful should not be wasted. They would look at this as an art canvas and therefor would be morally correct, There are many pro-pornography arguments such as 1. Pornography is harmless; pornography is considered free speech, which is also considered a very important part of democracy. Some anti- pornography debates would talk about being sexually exploited, and that payment for sex is and will always be unethical. While one might say that pornography is harmful and severely degrading to women. A different perspective would be that pornography is art, and can be pleasurable for people. Utilitarianism beliefs are that pornography would be morally correct as long as it was for the greater good in the greatest number of
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