First Amendment Junkie Essay

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English 151 Feb 12th 2015 Summary In “A First Amendment Junkie” By Susan Jacoby, Jacoby writes an article about pornography saying how she does not have a problem with adult pornography in general, but she does have a problem with it when it involves censorship. Jacoby writes this article in regards to a Porno called “Deep Throat” produced by Larry Flynt. To begin, Jacoby states that Larry Flynt produces garbage, but at the same time she also feels that he being convicted was unfair, due to the fact that he was revoked of his freedom of speech. She then goes against feminists who believe that it is okay to censor pornography, saying that it will help anti feminists censor discussions of issues in the women’s movement. After making this point, Susan Jacoby then begins to move onto the topic of child pornography, saying that child pornography is not a first amendment issue, but an issue of child abuse. Once that is discussed she writes about how there is no unanimity when it comes to whether or not pornography should be censored due to the fact that some see the naked body as a beautiful piece of artwork, rather than an offensive sight. She then starts to explain how censoring girlie magazines will censor discussions of rape, abortion and so on. Jacoby’s thesis statement in this article was simple, any type of censorship in pornography is just plain wrong. The moral of the story is to further educate the young people in this world to understand the difference between sex and

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