Political System of France and Germany Essay

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European Politics (France vs United Kingdom) The European union brings forth a group of democratic nations that agree to follow some of the same laws and rules to bring somewhat of a unity to the European nations. However, even though they might work together in the European union, all these nations hold sovereignty and carry their own political systems. Some vary differently from others greatly and some can share differences and similarities. For example, France and the United Kingdom are nations that serve under the European Union but they hold their own government and their people completely separate from each other. Some aspects of their government may show similarities, but some aspects may show differences. The differences in organization of the government and what it contains may show advantages and disadvantages to each nation. Both France and the United Kingdom in generality both share a similar organization of the state, as they are known to be unitary governments. A unitary state is distinguished by having one centralized government. It provides one control policy for the entire nation unlike the United States, which uses a federal government system, where there is one federal government for the nation, but each state has its own government as well to show sovereignty of the states. In a unitary government, there is not much distribution of powers to any separate local governments as the entire nation is called to follow one rule under one main government. The central government has the task of managing the national-level issues, which can include foreign policies, economy, as well as national defense.(Russel) However minuscule differences do lie where France carries administrative subdivisions.(Evans) There are subdivisions that portray numerous legal functions, as the main central government is not allowed to interrupt in their operations. Some

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