The Constitution Changed the Structure of Power of the Government from That Which Existed Within the British System

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The Constitution changed the structure of power of the government from that which existed within the British system. Two ways this can be proven is that the Constitution separated the powers of the government into three branches. Also, the British system does not have a written constitution, only a collection of parliaments. One feature of the American constitution is the strict separation of the powers of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. The British political system has no such formal separation of the powers. Until recently one person was a member of all three arms of government, since the Lord Chancellor was a member of the Cabinet (the executive), a member of the House of Lords (the legislature) and the head of the legal system (the judiciary). In the United States, because of the separation of the powers, no Cabinet member is allowed to be a member of the Congress. In Britain, every Government Minister must be a member of one of the two Houses of Parliament and, if he or she is not already in the Parliament, he or she is made a peer. This changed the way power was distributed within the government, due to the Constitution. Great Brittain has an unwritten constitution unlike the U.S.A. Instead Britain's laws, policies and codes are developed through statutes, common law, convention and more recently E.U law. This means that the British constitution has no single document, which states principles and rules of a state. The Constitution is one document explaining all of the principles and rules of the government, and how power is separated in the goevernment. This key feature changes the structure of power of the government form that of Brittains. In conlusion, the constitution changed the structure of power of the government. This is by the separation of power within the government. Lastly, by being a "written"
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