Checks And Balances In The United States

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The United States was established as a democratic republic. Although the United States Constitution was not the first, it is the oldest written constitution still in effect. For more than 200 years, the United States Constitution has set forth a plan of government, established institutions, and outlined the rights of the citizens. There are many important aspects of the United States Constitution that have led to an effective and efficiently run government. Some of these aspects will be discussed and explained over the course of this essay. One of the important aspects of the United States Constitution is federalism. Federalism is a form of government that features a single, ruling government that is granted authority over multiple smaller,…show more content…
Checks and balances is a political term that relates to the separation of powers between the branches or divisions of government. This creates the three branches of government in the United States: Judicial, Legislative and Executive. The Executive branch consists of the President and Vice President. The Judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court and Federal Courts. The Legislative Branch consists of the Senate and House of Representatives. Checks and balances create independence amongst the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches of the U.S. government. Examples of checks and balances include the Presidential veto of a Congressional bill, the Congressional impeachment of the President, or the Judicial ruling of Congressional laws that violate the U.S. Constitution. Each branch has its own actions and rules of conduct, giving them the freedom to legally operate without limitation from another branch. Each part of the U.S. government is limited in their power as given by the Constitution. This makes sure that no single government branch can overtake another. Each branch of the government has procedures to punish or restrict their members from acting in a corrupt
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