Parliamentary Sovereignty In The Uk Essay

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Sovereignty is in essence ultimate and unchallengeable power, the location of sovereignty in the UK in recent years has changed from one single power and devolved into many unions, treaties and nations within the UK and EU. Parliament is the only body that can make law in the UK. No other authority can overrule or change the laws which the parliament has made. This, then gives the statute law more power and priority over the other sources of the constitutions. This then allows the parliament to change or repeal any law it wants and is also not bounded by the laws made by the previous parliaments. Parliamentary sovereignty is made up of Mass electorate, Party system, referendums, pressure groups, international agreements and treaties, the European Union (EU), the European Conventions on Human Rights (ECHR). One factor that argues that the parliamentary sovereignty in the UK have been devolved, this argument comes from the fact…show more content…
The UK joined the EU in 1973, since then the EU and has become increasingly more powerful over the UK as time has passed, the EU could be said and argued to be superior over UK statue laws and the UK parliament. This is shown in the example, the factortame case during 1990-1991 where the EU law stopped the UK from restricting non-British citizens from registering a fishing boat. Also being a part of the EU is a way of binding the UK governments successors, this is because the fact that if the UK left the EU, there could be a major economic issues as a large percentage of the UK’s trading is with the European countries and secondly the UK would be isolated from the rest of world, this could lead to vulnerability, due to the fact that all successors of parliament are bound to the EU. Therefore the location of UK sovereignty could be argued to be shifting to the EU, this makes the EU a threat to the UK’s parliamentary
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