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Political Commercial Script Open with the song “Changes” by Tupac Shakur Each frame will be shown for five seconds: -Errol on Ferrum College’s football field where he led his football team to win the conference championship -Errol coaching one of his lacrosse players -Errol with some of the girls and boys from Boys and Girls Club -Errol handing a student their scholarship 1. The first scene is of Errol Mitchell talking to a high school student on a college visit. Narration: For the past fifteen years, Errol Mitchell has made it a priority to take time every day to talk to high school students about the importance of furthering their education beyond high school. He has single handedly raised the amount of high school students that are going to college by 15%. Stage directions: Errol is walking along Lakeside with…show more content…
The next scene will be of Errol playing with kids of the Boys and Girls Club. Narration: Mr. Mitchell knows the important role the youth plays in today’s society. He has made a commitment to provide the children of the Boys and Girls Club a safe and educational environment that he hopes will encourage them to sway away from trouble and continue to go in the right direction. Stage Directions: Mr. Mitchell is in the gym playing basketball with some of the kids from the Boys and Girls club. 3. The last scene will be Errol handing a scholarship to one of the recipients of his scholarship foundation. Narration: Mr. Mitchell began a scholarship foundation ten years ago that aids students during college so that money is the least of their worries. As a strong Christian man, Mr. Mitchell is a firm believer in helping others. The student is very grateful because without the scholarship she would not be able to attend school. Stage Directions: Errol hands student scholarship and shakes hand. Errol: Congratulations. Student: Thank you so much Mr. Mitchell. Without your scholarship, there would be no way my family could afford me going to

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