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Kayla Dailey 3rd Block Anna Hardy 2011, Nov 8 Pocahontas’s popularity during the 1600’s possessed Disney’s Motion Pictures to produce Pocahontas: The Movie, but their inspiration lead to inaccuracy. Pocahontas, also known as Matoaka, was the daughter of “ Indian emperor Powhatan”(Hart 660). She was famous for bringing peace between the Powhatan tribes and the Jamestown colonists. Matoaka was born in 1595, in her “home village Werowocomoca”(Hanes, Web). No one knew that Pocahontas had a “secret name”, which was “White Feather”(McGlenn, Web). Pocahontas was always described as playful or frolicsome, because when the “young boys in her village would play around, she would follow them”(Kostelny, Web). During her life she met John Smith. Unexpectedly, he was captured by the Powhatan tribe after he split from the other Englishmen. Later, John Smith and Pocahontas became really good friends when “she stopped her own tribe from executing him, at the time she was only ten years old”(Hanes). “At the age of 12” Pocahontas wore a leather dress, but before age 12 she didn’t have a leather dress, in fact she was a “naked child”(Morenus). During the winter season she would “wear a mantle covered with feathers”(Morenus). Matoaka became a celebrity hit in London in the year 1616. Pocahontas continued to naturally build history during the 1600s. The Indian Princess accomplished a major goal during this time. In the process of bringing tranquility between her people and the Englishmen, she put herself at risk when she became a hostage for English prisoners, in the year of 1613. Even though Pocahontas was a prisoner, her “exotic beauty” attracted Englishmen John Rolfe(Lawlor 290). Rolfe was a religious man who had the decision to marry a “strange Indian wife”(Kostelny). His decision was to marry Pocahontas. After the two were married she was “baptized a Christian and later

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