Lucrezia Borgia Essay

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Throughout history there have been people who just by naming them, conjure sinister thoughts. The name Lucrezia has been the representation for evil for at least 500 years. Lucrezia was born on June 18th in 1480. In her early years, Lucrezia lived in her mother’s house, near her father’s grand estate. When Lucrezia was still of a young age, her father was elected pope. In succession to this, Lucrezia was one of many illegitimate children from her father Rodrigo Borgia, now known as Pope Alexander VI. Rodrigo was known for having many mistresses, though the one he loved the most, gave birth to his three favorite children Cesare, Juan and Lucrezia Borgia, from his lover Vannozza Cattanei. After the birth of Lucrezia the relationship between Vannozza and Rodrigo ended. This major event in the Borgia family history started a master plan for controlling Italy. Lucrezia was well educated in humanist literature, speaking Italian, Catalan, French and Latin. She was capable of writing in these languages, as well as being able to understand Greek. Lucrezia loved music and poetry in both Italian and Spanish. As all of the noble ladies of her time, she was taught how to dance properly and taught eloquence on how to express herself when in attendance to nobles and other important figures. When Lucrezia was only ten years old, she had an arranged marriage with a Spaniard whom later Rodrigo Borgia ended. Two months after the annulment he promised Lucrezia to another man though the contract was annulled on the eighth of November 1492. Finally her father made up his mind and Lucrezia’s third betrothal later became her first husband, Giovanni Sforza. The King of Naples did not want this marriage to go through, so he offered Lucrezia the son of the Duke of Calabria. He later became Lucrezia’s second husband. Rodrigo though wanted Lucrezia to marry Giovanni because this would
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