Why Pocahontas Is a Historically Inaccurate Movie

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Why Pocahontas is a historically inaccurate movie The Disney Pocahontas story starts with a woman from the Tsenacommacah tribe located in what the English settlers called Virginia. She was daughter of the tribe’s leader, Powhatan. The other main character is John Smith, an English man who came along with the English colonists in the Susan Constant ship. The settlers settled in Native American lands, which made the Native Americans mad. Pocahontas and John Smith were young adults who fell in love sort of like Romeo and Juliet because their love seems impossible. The movie spices up when John Smith and Pocahontas are caught together. She was engaged to a Native American called Kocoum therefore it was tragic to find her with John Smith; the Native Americans try to kill John Smith but Pocahontas saves his life. The Disney movie basically portrays them as falling in love and at the end; John Smith is shot and leaves Virginia while Pocahontas stays. The real story did not happen that way. First of all, the Disney Pocahontas movie portrays Pocahontas and John Smith as both adults but they were not. The movie brings the colonists in one ship only but they actually came on three. Ratcliff is portrayed as the governor of the colony and was in charge during the voyage but at that time, the colony did not have a governor for the first couple of years. In the Pocahontas movie, Pocahontas is engaged to Kocoum and chooses John Smith. In reality, Pocahontas actually never even fell in love with John Smith. Real history is different from the movie. Pocahontas was in fact the daughter of Chief Powhatan, leader of Tsenacommacah tribe. The British colonists arrived in the early 1600’s in three ships: the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery. The colony did not have a governor for the first couple of years. It had a council with a president. Captain

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