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Pluto is a dwarf planet; it is the farthest planet from the sun. A dwarf planet is a planet that orbits around the sun. It has an orbit of 248 years that sometimes takes it inside Neptune’s orbit. Pluto is so cold that its oxygen and nitrogen, which is easy for us to breathe, is frozen solid there. This planet is two-thirds of our moon and it is the largest rock in the Kuiper belt. After the discovery of Pluto, Scientist thought that it was too small to rotate around the sun. Pluto has not been visited by a spacecraft yet. It is so far that only the Hubble space telescope can see it; but it can only see its largest features. A spacecraft, named Horizon, launched in 2006, and it will hopefully reach Pluto in 2015. Pluto has a huge rock, like the moon,…show more content…
They were named Nix and Hydra. They were estimated to be about 50 to 60 kilometers long in diameter. Although its weight is known pretty well, it is not accurate because it is moving often. They can not get an accurate measurement until a spacecraft is sent there. There was a confusion and big argument about Pluto’s classification. It has been named the 9th planet for over 75 years. But in 2006, people started to decide on a ‘new definition of planet’, which did not include Pluto. It is now classified a dwarf planet. Pluto’s orbit is very different, because it orbits the opposite direction that the other planets do. Pluto is so cold that it is more than negative 235 degrees Celsius. No One knows what Pluto is made up of. Dome scientists say that it is 50–70 percent rock and 30–50 percent ice. The composition is nitrogen and oxygen. You can only see Pluto with a telescope. Its surface is dark brown and a little yellow. The Hubble space telescope barely showed any definition of the surface, because Pluto is so small and far. Pluto can only be seen by the light derived from its largest moon,

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