Pluralism vs. Exclusivity

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INTRODUCTION All mankind does not live by Christian morals and values. So, Christians live in a secular world—a world full of different people from different backgrounds with different upbringing and varied religious views. In that sense, all people are unique and should be valued through love and respect. This would support Christians are unique because of who they are, different from the secular world. What God expects of His children and their environment is clearly stated throughout the Bible. There is no question with God; He has perfectly-good purpose for everything He commands. So why are individuals unsure about what is preferred in a Christian environment? The answers for these questions can be found in the Bible and should be obvious according to the definition of a Christian? Well no matter how a Christian is defined, the golden rule supports every human being deserves the same manner of respect desired. This could suggest some sort of tolerance for non-believers, or the secular world. However a Christian is to remain unique in showing the world how God desires His creation to live and in what manner He desires them to commune with Him. WHAT IS CHRISTIAN PLURALISM? Christian pluralism is the belief that all other religions are all true ways to God, as well as Christianity, with the exception of Jesus Christ being the only way. In this respect, Christ follows the role of other influential men in the search for God, not the savior who died for the sins of the world. Jesus Christ is the foundation of Christianity. If one removes Christ from Christianity, the faith fails. So what do the pluralists want from Christianity? Is it to encourage the validity of other religions that simply oppose Christian belief? Well that would be very much like saying, “Yes, Christianity is not wholly true, and its primary job is to submit its

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