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Kaylee Baublitz CWV-101 February 9, 2014 Todd Forrest Billy Graham’s Worldview and Mine Billy Graham, born November 7, 1918, Charlotte North Carolina, is known for his widespread preaching all over the country. After many years of criticism and curiosity from his audience, Billy Graham started the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association where he won many awards and recognitions. Billy ended his career in 2005 by holding one last crusade in Queens, New York. (Balmer, 2014) Billy has showed his devout faith and trust in God throughout his life. Billy Graham, much like me, has a Christian worldview when it comes to the topics of homosexuality, the nature of God, and money. Billy Graham has always told others what he thinks and believes to…show more content…
I know this is true because it says so in the Bible. I believe the Bible is the word of God, given to man, and written into a book. My view on this is the same as Billy’s view on the nature of God. Billy said “The Bible is a book of Redemption, and of course I accept the Creation story. I believe that God did create the universe.” (Letters to Creationist, 2010). Billy stands up for what he believes in when others ask him about the nature of God and he does not think that the bible is a scientific story. In our world today, a lot of people try to connect the Bible with science, trying to prove evolution and take away significance of creationism. The only science I care to know about it when it comes to how humans are created is how and what God used to create us. God invented science, science did not invent humans. I think too much time, effort, and money has gone into trying to prove evolution to be true. The money scientist spend every day could be used in so many other…show more content…
He sticks to the Bible and does not care what others think about him or his beliefs. Billy Graham is a fabulous role model and I have a desire to have a faith as strong as his. He has proved throughout the years that he stays true to his faith and he has taught thousands of people the word of God. He believes the Bible to be 100% accurate. We both believe the Bible comes from God and that he created the universe and everything in it. Billy Graham’s Christian worldview is one of faith and fact. He teaches a simple message of the Gospel and gets all of his facts from God. He displays his strong Christian worldview like I do, sticking to the Bible for fact and

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