Plot Summary Of The Novel 'Growing Wings' By Laurel Winter

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I. Intro / Summary of the Novel Growing Wings by Laurel Winter Linnet, an eleven-year-old doesn’t know why her shoulder started to ache and itch. And every night, her mother──Sarah McKenzie, touches her shoulder rather than give her a kiss. Many things about her mother made no sense. Like why she told the school Linnet had a heart murmur, even if she really didn’t and why she wouldn’t let Linnet cut her hair. Because of curiosity, Linnet asked Sarah what’s wrong with her. Then Sarah told Linnet that she’s starting to grow wings. Sarah knows what it feels like because when she was young she began to grow wings. Unfortunately, Margaret McKenzie─ Linnet’s grandmother, cut them off. That’s why Sarah is a “cutwing”. She promised that…show more content…
Page 75 Andy’s character at first is not good. She’s pretending that she wants Linnet. But deep inside, she is irritated to Linnet. Andy is a moody person. As time passed by, Andy’s trait changed. Linnet and Andy became friends. And they fly together using their wings 2. Setting A. Identify the setting Ellen’s house “Ahead, a large house sprawled between the feet of the mountains The center portion was made of old, weathered logs, with newer additions off to the sides──newer meaning weathered only to a silvery tan rather than outright gray. A long walkway sided with boards, glass bricks randomly placed in them, led from the left addition to a huge barn.” Page 31 B. How does the setting contribute to the effectiveness of the novel? There’s a lot of contribution of the setting to the effectiveness of the novel. First, the setting is one of the most important elements of a novel. It is where the scene takes place. Second, it gives twist in a story or novel. And lastly, a novel without setting is incomplete. C. What is the importance of the setting in the scenes, situations, events happened in the
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