The way in which Hosseini uses Chapter 1 in The Kite Runner to open the book.

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Chapter one is possibly the most important chapter of the whole book, foreshadowing events to come and acting as a retuning point in the book for the reader to reference to. But in what way does Hosseini use this chapter to open the book and to what effect? I intend to explore this question by using quotes, looking at Hosseini’s literary technique and the rest of the text to see in what way chapter one has influence the rest of the book and the way in which the reader perceives it. In the first paragraph Hosseini establishes the narrative style, which is continued throughout the book and is something, which is always present and powerful right the way through the novel. “I became what I am today at the age of twelve”. This quote shows the way in which strong narrative voice is used but also shows how without introducing the protagonist yet we know him we are going to know him through his past and know that we are going to discover what he has become. This is used by Hosseini to frame the character a build a platform that we will return to as we read further in the book. It also uses the idea that the past is everything that you are and is something that you will keep with you forever and something that, even sub or unconsciously decides the path your life will take, as we experience reading The Kite Runner and by reading Amir’s life. Another key part to this chapter is the “pair of kites, red with long blue tails, soaring n the sky.” Not only does this represent the title within the second paragraph in a very figurative a vivid way but leaves the reader with a sense of judgment at the end of the first chapter, with the kites “like a pair of eyes looking down”. This premise of judgment and acceptance is one which is recurring throughout the novel and is one which is always present in Amir and Baba’s relationship, and these two kites could signify their
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