Please Enjoy My Argument Essay on "Why the Government Should Ban Cigarettes".

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Please enjoy my argument essay on "Why The Government Should Ban Cigarettes". Americans everywhere today are participating in the use and sale of cigarettes. “Approximately 28% of all men and 22% of all women are current cigarette smokers.” (smoking, 2004). While cigarettes seem to help some people, they can actually lead to death, since “Cigarette smoking has been associated with disease, disability, and death. According to recent estimates, one of every five deaths in the United States is smoking related.” (smoking, 2004). To better protect the lives of those who smoke, and the people who are around smokers, the act of selling and use of such product should be made illegal within the United States. An argument people like to raise is the fact that cigarettes help reduce stress and helps them feel good. According to the Encyclopedia of Women’s Health “Reasons for starting to smoke include smoking for a calming and relaxing effect, smoking to lose weight, smoking as a social activity at parties or dinners, and smoking to increase alertness.” However, compared to the effects smoking has on people, the positive of cigarettes are insignificant. Smoking has so many harms, one of which is death: “The leading causes of the approximately 430,000 smoking-related deaths each year are lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and ischemic heart disease.” (smoking, 2008). Smoking isn’t only bad for the smoker but for the people around smokers. Scientists have found that secondhand smoking and even third-hand smoking can be just as harmful as first hand smoking because “A nonsmoker who breathes secondhand smoke (such as the smoke from a lit cigarette) is at an increased risk of the same diseases that affect smokers.” (smoking, 2010). It’s also said that second-hand smoke increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Over all “Smoking is considered a health

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