Picasso, Woman with Mandolin

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In order to start any movement there has to be specific work done. The category of art is no different. Each movement starts with work that displays characteristics of that movement. The art movement of Cubism started with specific works. Pablo Picasso was one primary contributor to this work. The painting, Woman with Mandolin, was Picasso's contribution to the art movement Cubism and displays specific details throughout the painting that may be reviewed by several critics. Picasso said, “There is no abstraction art, you always have to start with something.” After making these pictures he backed away from making works like this again.

Picasso's Woman with Mandolin was created in 1910. It was an attempt to further develop the art movement cubism. (Golding) Pablo Picasso painted Woman with Mandolin in Paris, France. The medium that Pablo Picasso used to develop this painting is oil on canvas. The painting, Woman with Mandolin, displays just that. The focal point of the painting is the woman. The upper portion of the lady's body is revealed. This includes her head down to her thighs. If you look at the painting as if you are looking at a person, it looks as if her head is turned. The direction that it is turned is to the right of the viewer. It also seems as if her head is leaning downward. This makes it seem like she is focusing on playing the mandolin. You can also see that the instrument covers half of her body. The dimensions of the painting are 39 and half inches by 29 inches. (Lanchner and Picasso) It is located at the Museum of Modern Art at New York. The dimensions of the painting are specific. The painting is 39 and a half inches tall. It is 29 inches wide. (Wye and Picasso) If you are measuring in centimeters this is different. It is 100.3 centimeters tall. The painting is 76.3 centimeters wide. (Wye and Picasso)
Cubism was

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