Art Essay On Two Painting By Jd Ferguson

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In this essay I am going to examine two paintings by the same artist JD Ferguson; 'The Pink Parasol' and the ‘Hat with Bird'. The theme of these paintings is women and the women that I have chosen seem to be elegant due to their posture and clothing. In this essay I will discuss the visual elements most predominate in these paintings which, in my opinion, are colour, tone and texture, I will also compare and contrast the images and choose my favourite of the two paintings. JD Ferguson was the first of four children and attended the Royal High School. Although he briefly trained as a Naval Surgeon, Ferguson soon realised that his ambition was painting and he spent some time travelling in Spain, Morocco and France to develop his artistic knowledge and experience. The first painting I am going to discuss is 'The Pink Parasol' which is a portrait painted in 1908 of a fellow artist and friend Bertha Case, when they were both in Paris. In this painting Ferguson adopted much stronger colours than in his other paintings and like Matisse used green paint to represent shadows in the face. He emphasised pattern by merging the pink parasol with the background of his picture by blending it with the cold colours. The painting is of a woman peering over her shoulder, she is wearing a hat with a pink bow and is also wearing a scarf, in the background there is a pink parasol around strong blocks of cold colours. Ferguson has used strong rectangular shapes in the background. In my opinion the focal point is the persons face as it is smooth against the rough background which creates a strong contrast and makes it stand out. In the painting you can only see the woman’s face and shoulders and she takes up about a third of the painting. Ferguson has used oil on board to create this portrait. In my opinion it is painted in a very vivid and colourful way. I was fascinated by the
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