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Task 2 Option 1 Write an essay of 1000 words in response to the following questions: - In what way can Picasso’s Guernica be seen as a form of protest? - Is it continuing to fulfil this purpose today? Picasso painted Guernica in response to the bombing of the Basque town, Guernica in 1927 during the Spanish Civil War. The essay will discuss why the painting can be perceived as a protest against war. The Study Diamond (The Open University (2013), Block 1, 2.3, p.75) will be used to explore the effects, techniques, context and meaning of the painting. Exploring techniques used and how they reflect the horror that war creates. The essay will also examine how the painting is seen by the world today, and if it is continuing to fulfil the purpose first asked of it. Guernica is an oil on canvas painting which stands 3.5 metres high by 7.8 metres wide, painted in shades of black, grey and white. Guernica does not directly portray the bombings, instead, it shows the terror and chaos created by war. The scene appears to be contained within a room. From the left stands a bull, beneath it a woman holds her dead child. A horse takes centre place, crying in agony from its wounds, a javelin piercing its torso. Below the horse, lays a male figure, his left hand bearing stigmata and his right holds a broken spear with a flower growing from it. At the top centre of the painting a light bulb is encased by an eye. To the right of the horse a woman staggers forward, gazing upwards to the light bulb. Above this figure, another woman appears to be coming through an open window. Her arm seems to float out infront of her holding a lamp towards the light bulb. To the far right a figure is engulfed in flames, perhaps falling from a burning building his arms stretched upwards. The painting ends with an open door on a dark wall. The effects generated

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