Phantom Of The Opera Essay

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Review for Phantom of Opera Jiawen Chu Theater 1040 DUE: Nov.8th 2011 Phantom of Opera, probably is one of the musical shows has the longest- running history, but everlasting show on Broadway stage. The Majesty Theater and its decorations are old as the age of this musical show, however; the actual musical show was so impressive, and it shocked me by its luxuriant stage, its magical special effect, and the last but not the least is the beautiful musical sounds. This show is gorgeous, shiny, and full of magical color. It is hard to believe how were the stages have been set up in such amazing and wonderful ways which caught my eyes for the entire two and half hours. The show surprised me, especially when each scene was flashing in front of my eyes with the changes of the stages that brought me back to 1900’s. I still remember it was such a beautiful love story starts when phantom was first appeared in the mirror in Christine’s room, and when he takes her back into the mirror. It was so lovely when the stage was full of fog, When the phantom swings the boat that carrying Christine,when they both sing to each other romantically in the song of “phantom of opera” with candles twinkles like stars, “Saying for me, saying my angle of music”. The scene moves quickly brought us in to a mysterious dreamland of phantom. Everything makes the show fantastic, and brilliant. The first scene in second part was impressive as well. The first scene is “Masquerade/Why So Silent”, one of my favorite parts of the show. Dancers and singles were all on the stair of the stage with bright color fineries. The music is bright and festive which makes you want to fly onto the stage, dance, singing and celebrate the New Year with them together. Every single dancer and singer made up each pieces into a beautiful picture. It also makes me think of a music box as I play when I was a child,

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