Delta Symphony Orchestra Performance

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On Sunday October 26, 2008, I attended an orchestral concert at the Arkansas State University Fowler Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The concert was titled “The Delta Symphony Orchestra presents Music for a Lifetime Family Concert.” The Delta Symphony Orchestra played several songs as well as students from the Jonesboro Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School. The music played was all classical and orchestral. The Fowler Center venue was not very crowded. The majority of the seats were empty and the majority of the people entered the concert within five minutes of its start. The concert began at two in the afternoon and ended around four that afternoon, including a short ten minute intermission. The concert hall remained very calm and…show more content…
The male performers from the Delta Symphony Orchestra were all dressed in black tuxedos, while the women of the orchestra were all in completely black dress clothes. The performers from the Jonesboro Magnet School were mostly in nice dress clothes. The students from the Magnet Schools were all very excited to be performing and some seemed very nervous. The Delta Symphony Orchestra musicians played three songs before the intermission and all were introduced by the conductor Neale Bartee. After intermission, the students from the Magnet School played eleven short songs under the direction of their instructors Rebecca Markowski and Jennifer Hutchison, along with the accompaniment of the Delta Orchestra musicians. The performances were very enjoyable to me. The Delta Symphony opened with “Olympic Fanfare and Theme” by John Williams. I enjoyed this song because it was recognizable to me and I was surprised by this because I had not thought that I would recognize any songs at this concert. This song was very loud and powerful. The Delta Symphony followed this song with “Romance” by Antonin Dvorak, which was my personal favorite song during the concert. I had never heard this song before, but I enjoyed it very much because it was whimsical. There were no boring parts in…show more content…
This concert performance was actually very fun and light as well as moving because of the variety of pieces played. The children’s pieces and the culturally recognizable pieces made the audience feel light and happy because of their fun. The more emotional and moving pieces were also very beautiful and memorable. The concert was different than I expected because I did not expect to hear children’s music or music that was easily recognizable to me, but I enjoyed it. I hope to be able to attend more concerts like it in the

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