Peta Against Fashion Shows.

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“Don't they know that without me, they'd never see the inside of a fashion tent? They'd be stuck behind the barricades with PETA! In fact, maybe I will leave them outside with PETA. Maybe that will teach them some manners!“ Blair Waldorf. Gossip Girl series. The world of fashion as we all know is huge and has many different trends and directions. And, like it or not, fur and leather take enormous part in it. When the end of summer comes and Fall-Winter shows take place we can observe lots and lots of fur and leather coats on the runway. The little problem is that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (know world-wide as PETA) aren’t happy about it at all. They come to shows and try to do everything they can to ruin them and display to people their position. So is it good or bad? Right or wrong? It’s a hard question with a lot pros and cons depending on the way you look at it. So what we are going to try and figure out is if PETA’s actions towards the fashion industry are right or wrong. So, let’s start on a good note and talk about what PETA does in general and how it influences society. PETA was founded in 1980 and got noticed in 1981. The company was officially called PETA in 1985, before that time it was known as the Silver Spring Monkeys Case. The group works on protecting animals and preventing any violations against animal rights. PETA is also the largest animal rights organization in the world, and has more than three million members and supporters. They have a lot of members among stars and lots of members promote a vegan lifestyle. And I actually really support what they do and their views. I do understand what they are doing to make our world a little be more humane and show people that there are always other ways of living. Though I don’t think that all of their actions are one hundred percent right, especially the ones

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