Persuasive Speech - Animal Cruelty

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Millions of animals are poisoned, blinded and killed every year in out-dated product tests for cosmetics, household-cleaning products, personal-care products, and even fruit juices. Imagine being an animal in a laboratory, having no control over any aspect of your life, living inside a locked closet, not choosing when and what you eat, what you do with your time or even deciding when the lights go on and off. This would be your life; deprivation, isolation, misery. Studies have shown that there are various biological differences between humans and animals in the way each react to chemicals, resulting in unreliable data and the health of consumers compromised for scientific values. Tests showed that when 12 substances were tested on rabbit and human skin only two out of twelve results were similar. The remaining ten substances showed remarkable differences between the two. The substances were irritating to the rabbits but not humans. An experienced toxicologist has concluded, “No single animal species has been found to model exactly for the human eye, either in anatomical terms or in response to irritation.” Cosmetics are used frequently by millions of people every day. The European Union use approximately 38,000 animals a year to test new ingredients and products. The majority of cosmetic products listed on the shelves will contain ingredients that have been tested on animals at some point in time. There are numerous successful companies whose products do not contain animal tested ingredients which proves it is possible. Although cosmetic testing only make up 0.3% of all animal experiment in Europe, which still translates into thousands of animals. The level of skin irritancy, eye tissue damage, and toxicity are measured on animals in the manufacture of cosmetics. The Draize test is one test performed on rabbits where substances are placed in their eyes whilst

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