Animal Experimentation Essay

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Animal Experimentation Thesis: Experimenting on animals should be stopped because it is inhumane. I. Experimenting on animals is cruel. A. Draize Eye Test 1. Rabbits are held down and scientist put chemicals into their eyes to see how they react to it. 2. Thousands of rabbits were used because they lack the ability to wash away the chemicals with their tears. a) Rabbits do not have tear ducts. A. The LD50 test 1. Animals are force-fed to see how toxic food affects them. 2. The purpose of this experiment is to predict the reaction a child would have to certain foods. B. Skin irritations test 1. Dogs and rabbits are shaved and exposed to harsh chemicals. a) Many of the animals used in these test die from the intense pain and suffering. 2. Costumer Product Safety Commission (cosmetic and household products), the Food and Drug Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency (pesticide formulations and ingredients) require agencies to experiment on animals before selling their product. II. There are alternate methods for researching. A. Epidemiological studies 1. Led to the discovery of how smoking and cancer correlate positively. 2. It proved that earlier animal research was not accurate. B. Population and Comparative studies. 2. They allow scientist and doctors to discover the root cause of human diseases and disorders. 3. Demonstrates the mechanism of the transmission of AIDS and other diseases C. Artificial human skin studies. 1. EpiSkin™, EpiDerm™ and SkinEthic 2. Saves thousands of rabbit lives from skin corrosions and irritation tests. III. Results from animal experimentation are unreliable. A. Human bodies act and respond differently than an animal’s body. 1. Cancer has been cured in mice for years; however, it has not worked for humans. 2. The AIDS vaccine has been successful for monkeys, but failed in human trials. B.

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