Persuasive Memo To: Booster Club Officers

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TUI UNIVERSITY Bob C. Smith Module 1 Case BUS 303 – Business Communications Dr. William Smithers 28 February 2010 Persuasive Memo TO: Booster Club Officers; R. Jones, President; J. Branson, Vice President; A. Connor, Secretary; J. Peters, Treasurer FROM: B. Smith, Boss DATE: July 26, 2012 SUBJECT: Company fundraising efforts The company fundraisers you run serve a great purpose; they raise money to enhance morale and camaraderie; free food and entertainment at the summer picnic, reduced tickets to the Christmas party and free gifts, and going away and retirement certificates. However, there are entirely too many fundraisers. These money making events are having a negative effect, causing a drain on people and resources. There are few active members who plan, set-up,…show more content…
The venue, decorations, food, and presents for the Christmas party costs $3,500. Another $500 for going away gifts, $500 for supplies, and $500 for rollover is also needed. The budget is short, and the upcoming Holiday Bazaar is your last opportunity to make money this year. Shifting your efforts from many smaller fundraisers to the three big events will provide the funds without the negative impact to your volunteers. A New Solution According to independent research, the most successful fundraising item is funnel cakes. They are a hugely popular item coveted by event goers. At the recent 4th of July event, there was only one funnel cake booth, and 1/3 of their customers were lost due to long lines and wait times. A profit of $3,935 was made, but another $2,000 was missed because the supply could not meet the

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