Perspective on Changes in Adulthood

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There are so many changes that occur throughout our early, middle, and late adulthood. With wanting to work in the field of Human Services it's vital for me to have a good understanding of these changes that will take place. In every period of development in these changes have to be looked at as a product of their culture and of the specific situation surrounding the change. I feel each individual's progression throughout life will differ from each others. Throughout our lifespan we all go through psychological differences and age-related psychological changes from birth through old age that will continuously change. In our adolescent stage we will go through many different changes that develop. Throughout this stage we all deal with fast or slow physical growth, positive or negative cognitive development and psychosocial development; which can affect our emotional and social development. Before this class I didn't realize how each develop interacts and influences one another. From my understanding the main point of everyone's development will include process of change. Depending on one's age this change will have several different qualities or aspects involving both growth and declines in one's life. I feel one's behavior throughout their entire life span is the most important development in any stage. My perception of the changes that take place in one's activities, relationships, health, and mental outlook varies because of the different surroundings they might have. Example; my mother is 67 and has chosen to dedicate her life to me and my children. Before she decided this her life was very active with work, friends, and other activities. However, when I became a single mom my mother isolated herself from her friends, family, and never had any more time for the activities she use to participate in. I feel this instilled resentment within her
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