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Personal Mission/Role Model/Leadership Statement 100 Points In Week 2 you completed the College Student Inventory (CSI) to help you determine what your strengths are as a student and what your obstacles might be. These obstacles may have included your study skills, but you may have also included managing multiple responsibilities and finances as obstacles. The discussion gave you the opportunity to begin thinking about your own Personal Mission/Leadership Statement and your plan for success. In Week 7, your final Personal Mission/Role Model/ Leadership Statement is due. It must include the following sections and will take the place of a formal final exam. Use this opportunity to reflect on what you have learned about yourself as a problem solver, critical thinker, and leader to complete this assignment. The requirements and the format for your paper are listed below. Section One: You as a Critical Thinker (10 points) In Week 1 you completed a pre-test questionnaire entitled “Are You a Critical Thinker” to help you assess your critical thinking skills at that time. Now that we’re at the end of the class, retake the same questionnaire (See Doc Sharing for your file); however, at this time, complete the post-test column, total your score, and compare the pre- and post-test scores. Finally write a brief paragraph reflecting on what changes, if any, you observe in yourself as a critical thinker. Section Two: Your Personal Role Model/Leader (35 points) For the past few weeks, you and your team have been working on a Public Role Model/ Leadership Project. You’ve described your role model’s accomplishments, the significance of these accomplishments, and their impact on the world and you. Now, it’s time for you to identify a personal role model. Among the people you know, is there a person you have looked to for direction and mentoring? Describe this person’s

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