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Academic and Career Final Project Portfolio – Spring 2014 Mrs. Wilson FYE 105 40 Points You will compile information for this project throughout the semester. Once you have all of the information gathered, you will work on synthesizing it and then reflect on your career choice and how it fits with your learning styles and the results of your self-assessment inventories. Your project will incorporate assignments you have completed during the semester as well as additional written sections and documentation as outlined on this project sheet. Your project should be organized in a binder with dividers separating each section. The sections of the project should be typed in 12 point font and double-spaced. Handwritten papers will not be accepted.…show more content…
College/University Research (8 points) POINTS EARNED_____________________ Overview of Selected School or Schools (2 point – 1 paragraph) – Include: • Description of the college(s) you plan to attend. The college must offer the major you’ve chosen for the topic of this paper. Description should include o Demographic information (statistics about the school and its students e.g. avg. age) o Location of the college or university o At least 5 aspects or characteristics about the college(s) that interest you (Check the college catalog or website to find this information. You may have to do a little bit of exploring on the site. Remember to include a paragraph with the above information for each college you plan to attend.) Course of Study (2 point – 1 paragraph) – Include: • Prerequisites you must take prior to entering the program, if any are required. If none are required, state that. If you are required to take any developmental courses, mention those here. Minimum GPA requirement for acceptance into the program. If not required, state that. (Are you entering a selective admissions program or transferring to a different college or university? This is probably required in either of those cases.) Whether your program is an open or selective admissions program. A couple of sentences highlighting the classes and/or kinds of classes needed to complete your course(s) of study. (For example, “I will be taking a selection of general education classes such as English,…show more content…
Include a copy of your Jefferson Academic Program Plan signed by your advisor with the documentation at the end of the paper. (Include a copy of the curriculum guide for this major at Jefferson as well as the curriculum guide for any program you plan to study at other institutions in your documentation. If no formal curriculum guide is available from the other institution, describe in this section of the paper the classes you will need to take.) Preparing to Transfer (2 point – 1 paragraph) – Include: • Steps you need to take to transfer to your chosen institution. Check the college web site, transfer advisor, or a transfer guide. • Or, if you do not intend to transfer, general steps about what you will need to do to transfer. Educational Expenses and Budget (2 point – 1 paragraph) – Include answers to the following questions: • What will be the total cost of your degree(s)? (Tuition, fees, books and supplies, etc. Include dormitory fees if you will be living in the dorm.) This will be an estimate based on current year costs. • What is your plan for paying for your education? (Savings, working while in school, financial aid, someone else will be paying, etc.) • How long do you think it will take to achieve your educational goal? How closely does this match the target date on your timeline (included with documentation)? • Create a semester budget and include it in the Documentation section. Section 4. Interview of

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