Mary Barnet Case

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IVYT 104/Critical Thinking ASSIGNMENT #1: Analyzing Your Verdict The assignment below is based on Thinking Activity 1.5 (p. 29) and Questions for Analysis (p. 35). READING ASSIGNMENT: Chapter 1: Analyzing Issues, pp. 20-28 and Thinking Passage, pp. 32-35 WRITING ASSIGNMENT: Write a paper in which you state your verdict, explain your reasons, and analyze the evidence/factors that influenced your verdict in the Mary Barnett case. LENGTH: at least one typed, double-spaced page DUE DATE: At the beginning of the class session in week #3. GRADING: This assignment is worth 30 points. PROCESS: 1. Review the testimony in the Mary Barnett case (pp. 22-28) and read "Jurors Hear Evidence and Turn It into Stories" (pp. 32-35). 2. As a member of the jury, your role is to… * Hear and weigh the evidence * Evaluate the credibility of the witnesses * Analyze the arguments * Determine whether the law applies specifically to the situation * Render a verdict on the guilt of innocence of the defendant * Perform these tasks with clarity and fairness 2. Exploring the Mary Barnett case has given you the opportunity to analyze the key dimensions of a complex court case. Reflect back on your own deliberations of the Mary Barnett case and describe the reasoning process you used to reach a verdict. 3. Consider these questions:  Did you find that you were composing a continuing story to explain the testimony you were reading? If so, was this story changed or modified as you learned more information or discussed the case with your classmates?  How did factors from your own personal experience (age, tender, experience with children, etc.) influence your verdict and the reasoning process that led up to it?  How did your beliefs about human nature and free will

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