Personal Experiences In Tim O 'Brien's Things They Carried'

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QUOTATIONS FOR MY ESSAY “They were sending me off to fight a war they didn't understand, and didn't want to understand” Pg. 45 “He enjoyed not being dead. Lying there, kiowa admired lieutenant Jimmy Cross's capacity for grief. He wanted to share the man's pain, he wanted to care as Jimmy Cross cared. And yet when he closed his eyes, all he could think was Boom-down, and all he could feel was the pleasure of having his boots off and the fog curling in around him and the damp soil and the Bible smells and the plush comfort of night” Pg 18. “It was entirely automatic. I did not hate the young man. I did not see him as the enemy. I tried to swallow whatever was rising from my stomach, which tasted like lemonade, something fruity and…show more content…
Men bleed to their death fighting battles under the scorching sun and frosty nights as their malnourished bodies ache a sense of home comfort. Isolated and begging to stay alive, soldiers strive to defend their country. They risk their lives to come and fight. They're put through so many tests, physically, mentally, and emotionally. In “The Things They Carried” by Tim O'Brien, illustrates the point that war is a battlefield where soldiers are haunted by the world they live in filled with perpetual blame and…show more content…
Many alternatives are accessible to use. Using other options instead of animals for research come with infinite benefits including less expensive procedures, more animals in their natural habitats, and unharmed organisms. It eliminates the factor of harming animals in order to proceed with scientific discoveries. Sullivan (2012) finds it “less spendy” and faster to use artificial skin and human eye models in addition to the fact they are more accurate methods. These non-animal methods replace those archaic animal tests, and take less time to complete. It' shocking that individuals are not informed that non-animal experimentation methods are applicable to human life. The physiological chip is an amazing invention that contains cell compartments that are eligible to test the effects of drugs. Barnard (2007) describes the ability of the chip to “mimic the complex functions of the human body” (p.19). If a simple chip has the power to mimic the functions of the human body, then it is a huge resource to research. Animals are not needed for testing with such a wide range of alternatives. These new methods stretch each dollar spent on experimentation because the cost of the replicas and chip are only a fraction of the cost of animal experimentation. Alternatives provide a chance for medical

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