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Current Event article #3 (#1 is at the bottom) 1. Jones, Taylor, Cagle Cartoons “I can hit Al-Qaeda operatives” “(Pretty sure its Alqaeda)” 3. Obama skeet shooting and the drone coming out of the gun. Him skeet shooting is to show the irony between the gun law and him shooting a gun, also it is touching on the whole un-manned drone attack, him saying “i think” has a negative connotation, this connotation makes Obama look dumb which was probably the point of the cartoon 4.The Cartoon has a contemporary allusion to a previous issue concerning Obama which is the drone that bombed an Al- Qaeda base but also killed alot of innocent people 5. Yes, it is ironic that the president, a man that should know just about every thing that is…show more content…
Talman, William. Don’t Have the Wool Pulled Over Your Eyes. The Huffington Post. Web. 12 December 2012 2. Animal testing is very necessary in modern science, and does not deserve the bad reputation it currently holds. 3. “I suspect that most people don’t realize how much their well-being, even their entire lives, to research using experimental animals” (William Talman) 4. Key Points: a. Experimental animals are very safe and secure. b. Experimental animals’ benefits are countless c. Use of experimental animals is more humane than use of experimental humans 5. The writer addresses his opponents’ arguments by noting their irrelevance, untruthfulness, and incompetence. This helps to convince the reader that the protestors are misinformed hypocrites, but also helps the author to come across as somewhat arrogant. 6. Metaphor- “Considering their stated purpose, accepting such statements at face value would be equivalent to buying a used car based on a sales spiel without "looking under the hood."(William Talman) The author’s purpose in using this metaphor is to note the absurdity of taking a stance on this issue without hearing all of the facts, and stirs interest in the article in his
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