Personal Development Plans

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Ex7 B. The purpose of a personal development plan (pdp) is to improve and develop your practice by thinking about what you are doing. A pdp is beneficial to me because becoming a reflective practitioner means thinking not only about my actions but also about the people I support. Whilst learning to reflect I will understand people better because of learning to take the time, considering why people act in a certain way. Spending time getting to know the people I support will in turn help me provide a better service. Taking the time to think also helps me get a balance on a work and personal life. I use my pdp by considering what my experience was, what it has taught me and how I can make use of what I have learned. I use my pdp because thinking about my practice is learning and there is always something new to learn. I also use my pdp to better myself. Everyone makes mistakes and they are a way of learning. At the end of mistakes in social care are real people so it is important to learn how not to make the same mistakes again. In my workplace I can talk to other colleagues about my strengths and learning needs. I can also go to the in house trainer for feedback as well as the nurses in charge. Other people who can help me to identify my strengths and learning needs are the manager and the deputy manager. I get regular reviews with. The lead nurse reviewing my practice and planning my development. Resources available to me are the media, it is fairly easy to find out information about new studies and research. Paying attention to the television or radio or surfing the Internet. Reports and reviews of the findings of enquiries into failures experienced in health and social care, which can provide a focus for reflection. You can also find reports on positive practice. The important thing is to think positively about areas of your work that you could improve. Thinking
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