Personal and Organizational Ethics Essay

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Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values between For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Organizations Tracie S. Webster Personal and Organizational Ethics Instructor: Ronald Cade February 16, 2013 Introduction This analysis draws attention on the personal and organizational ethics and values between the profit and non-profit organizations. According to the analysis, the not for profit organizations have the main aim of offering programs and services that address specific needs of the people that created the organization. Most members in non-profit organizations are volunteers who aim at supporting the successfulness of the organization. Consequently, the paper highlights company profiles for the Los Angeles Urban League and the Target Stores. It further discusses the ethical dilemmas affecting both companies and manners of responding to these issues as well as the benefits that the companies encounter after taking the needed actions. The paper then offers a personal reflection on the taken ethical actions and ends by creating a critique of actions of the companies basing on philosophical theories. The Los Angeles Urban League profile The Los Angeles Urban League is among the affiliates of the National Urban League. It is the largest and oldest community based movement, with the main aim of empowering African Americans to attain the economic and social mainstream. Initially, the foundation of the initiative occurred in 1910 with the main interest of helping the blacks that had immigrated from the Agrarian South so that they can easily adjust to life in Urban North. However, it also had an additional interest of helping the blacks attain the social and economic justice. Consequently, this makes the main mission of the nonprofit organization to focus on
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