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Persepolis. Movie vs Book Essay

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  • on February 5, 2013
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    In the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, we follow the life of Marjane and experience most of the problems she had to go through because of how hard it was living through the revolution. The movie and the book were both able to show the main idea of of how Satrapi lived. The main character, makes the reader look at how Satrapi evolved into a grown woman with many struggles, like the war and the revolution. Throughout both the book and movie it is easy to understand what a difficult childhood she lived, and we were able to get a clear sense of what her life was like back then. For example, the book informed us of every little detail in order to get a clear message across. But the movie lacked some details that were in the book and if you would not have read the book it would cause you to be extremely confused/ lost, and have lots and lots of questions

First, there are a few scenes in the movie that seem that they just happen, there was no type of leading actions involved. There was a specific scene in the movie where Satrapi and her mother overhear a conversation that her father and neighbors are having, the female neighbor seems to have some type of scar in her cheek but we are not sure what it is. But if we take a look at the book we see that the scene is different. Satrapi and her family briefly talk with their neighbors, a husband and wife, and the husband tells her father “Look!   A bullet almost hit my wife’s cheek.” This was a piece of information that should have been added in the movie because it gives the reader a picture of how dangerous their lives were during the revolution and the war.  

Another example was the missing of some of the important characters. The family’s maid Mehri, as well as one of Satrapi’s good friends, they are never mentioned in the movie. This was an important factor because throughout an incident that is described in the book the reader would be able to learn the big issues with social class and...

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