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George Machado Professor Tota English 1101 23 February 2011 Perfection in Boulder The settlement of Colorado was spawned by the lure of gold, due to an economic depression in the eastern United States during the 1850's. In the early years of Boulder City, mining played an extremely important role in Boulder's development. It continued to bring settlers into the area who were both involved in mining itself and in supporting facilities, such as hardware and mining supply stores, transport businesses, room and board houses, and gambling and drinking establishments. As years progressed, Colorado soon developed a strong agricultural industry and people friendly environment. Boulder has won just about every shiny happy lifestyle award a city…show more content…
I myself am an athlete, and finding places with this type of elevation is rare. This makes Boulder #8 on the list of "Top 100 highest located cities (Boulder). The city's elevation even bests Denver's mile-high stature. Boulder is surrounded by more than 36,000 acres of recreational open space, conservation easements, and nature preserves - making it more than easy to find a nice peaceful trial to jog or run (“Boulder, Colorado”). There are world-class hiking trails throughout the city as well for the more adventurous types. The most popular areas to hike are located in Chautauqua Park. Many of the trails start at the Western edge of the city, while others are a short drive away. The trails vary in difficulty: some are quite easy while there are some that are technically challenging. Many athletes, recreational runners, and cyclists make use of these difficult courses at this breath-taking altitude to train more efficiently than those who would train at sea level or lower elevations. Training at a high altitude gives athletes a competitive edge over those who train at sea level when placed in direct competition. This advantage comes in the form of an increased red blood count, which enables the body to carry oxygen more efficiently and more quickly through the body (“Boulder, Colorado”). Runners who live and train at a higher…show more content…
It only makes sense that these high-achievers would eventually demand greatness from their meals. Frasca, opened in 2004 by Bobby Stuckey and chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson has received national acclaim (Knowlton). The foodie buzz had spread around town too, highlighting restaurants such as the Kitchen and Radda, both casual spots with an organic focus plus bars that are popular with locals. “Ava bean crostini, beet risotto cake, two pizzas; house-made mozzarella salad; pork bun, duck pancakes, fried brussels sprout leaves; three beers, two cocktails, and one bottle of wine” is an example of what you can expect to encounter as some of the few entrees to feast on in this considerable town (Fish). What propels this exquisite need for such delicious food? Well all the exercise of course! As author Peter Fish put it, “The more I exercise, the more I can eat!” And the food is in no way unhealthy (for oneself), they make sure to use the most organic and handpicked ingredients they can conjure, and all this fancy dining is offered in a town of only 100,000 people (Knowlton). Brassy Texas journalist Molly Ivins once wrote that people in Boulder, Colorado, want "to bring humankind up to a level of perfection that is almost [in] lunatic defiance of everybody else's tendency to let things go to hell”

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