The Jazz Age

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The Jazz Age Women, men, and parents before and after the jazz age all had thoughts, views, and differences about how they felt in this time period. The 1920s was the biggest part of the jazz age. It all started when every one knew that World War 1 “The war to end all wars” had finally ended (Hanson). This age really shot up when the war ended and the economy rose. After the war jobs raised and money flow was much greater. This gave people more opportunities to go out and see the world without being scared, something they couldn’t do before and during the war. One of the major jobs that supported the disruption of wealth was in the auto mobile industry. The 1920s also had a lot of good sports and many ways of showing it. The 1920’s were a transition period for many sports. It wasn't anything like todays athletes making big money, using steroids, or promoting a crazy diet. Sports that had up until that time been largely amateur events caught the eye of promoters who could see an opportunity to capitalize and make money. The professional football league, golf tours, and tennis circuit were organized. Media publicity ensured large crowds and guaranteed the financial success of the ventures, allowing new stadiums to be built and providing steadily increasing salaries for the sports stars. Everything in this time period was a rough draft to what we have today. In the 1920s people thought of things today and how to do it. Through out the years people have been perfecting all the ideas of the 1920s. Woman in this time period were just breaking away from society and the man. They were turning into what is called flappers, a free living type of life. Many people especially parents thought that their kids were possessed by the devil because they were breaking away from the norm. The lifestyles of young women in the 1920s were as shocking to their parents as the 1960s
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