Sweet vs Savory

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FINAL DRAFT Making my taste buds choose between the sweetness of a good sugary snack and rich savory dishes is a challenge. The best thing about sugar is that it is, simply put, delicious and easy to get. Chocolate being my favorite candy, I can eat it all the time. But sadly, that is not a good idea in the slightest. Because sugar sends me on a high then a few minutes later I feel fatigued and ready to lay down. Dessert is just too good to be true sometimes. There is cake, rolls, pie, pastries, and flan. All these things are found at my local restaurant and I have tried most of them. Lemon meringue pie, is the greatest dessert that I have tried at the restaurants. It has a tarty sour taste from the lemon; however, very soft and sweet from the cream topping. There is also a very good devil’s food cake, which is just triple chocolate cake to put it simply. The cake itself just melts in my mouth and I love it. The topic of savory is kind of tricky because when I think of a savory dish my mind immediately goes to home cooking. My mother’s southern/Asian style cuisine is the best thing I have ever tasted. We have roast, steak, potatoes, and pasta. Typically anything savory can refer to something I find rich or wholesome. Which so happens to be homemade non-sweet meals in my house. There is no downfall to eating a home cooked meal unless at some point I get too full and cannot walk for the next couple days, like Thanksgiving. Since I have to choose between the two, my choice would, without a doubt, be savory food. I cannot pass up a home cooked meal over a candy

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