Pepsi Vs Coke

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Pepsi-Co & Coca-Cola Wars Minerva C. Perez Strayer University Accounting 100 Pepsi-Co & Coca-Cola Wars | (In millions) 2007 | Pepsi-Co | Coca-Cola | 1. | Total current assets | 10,151 | 12,105 | 2. | Net property, plant & equipment | 11,228 | 8,493 | 3. | Total current liabilities | 7,753 | 13,225 | 4. | Total stockholders’ (shareholders’) equity | 17325 | 21,744 | Not many corporations can boast of a 100 Year rivalry. The beverages industry witnessed such intense competition between Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Co That one can say that the competition between the corporations was, and still is so intense it could be likened to sibling rivalry, albeit a very serious one since finances are involved. The product offerings of both companies are so similar, that if one were to remove the brand names from their respective products, an individual would not be able to distinguish one from the other. The companies not only compete in soft drinks, but also have branched out to other beverages including coffee, juice drinks and even water. If Pepsi were to offer a new product it wouldn't be surprising to see Coca-Cola follow suit. But in the financial evaluation comparison of Coca-Cola, and Pepsi-Co it is easy to see Coca-Cola's in the lead. This is largely due to the international market. Coca-Cola entered foreign markets a lot differently than Pepsi-Co, providing it an edge over Pepsi-Co While Pepsi-Co invested heavily in foreign markets, Coca-Cola's appointed bottlers with significant experience easily neutralized any threat Pepsi-Co could pose. (Harkonnen) Another reason Coca-Cola holds such a dominant position in world market is due to World War II. During World War II, Coca-Cola offered American servicemen its product for 5 Cents, wherever they were and whatever the costs

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