Regular Coke vs Diet Coke

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ENG. 100-P01 Regular Coke vs. Diet Coke Is Diet Coke taster than Regular Coke or Regular Coke has a very sweet tasty flavor then Diet Coke??? Regular Coke has a very sweet and strong taste; Diet Coke has water, bitter taste with less sugar. It is important to remember that it is one thing about drinking diet soda people genuinely enjoys the taste, but it is another thing is to drink it solely, because some people feel that they will lose weight from drinking it. Regular Coke has a very sweet and strong taste. People like Coke more than Diet Coke. Regular coke gives people more energy than Diet Coke. Between Regular Coke and Diet Coke, Regular Coke gets sells fast. Coke is so popular, that Diet Coke even outsells Regular Pepsi. From certain prospective, Regular Coke is a great boost of energy. Diet Coke has water, bitter taste with less sugar that taste unreal. Plenty of people do prefer Diet Coke because it healthier than Regular Coke. Diet Coke is much fresher, brighter, and crisper than Regular Coke because it has less sugar with breakdown sweeteners. Diet Coke could be for people who are on diets, starting a diet, or maybe even a permanent drink people have to drink for life. Diet Coke is one drink that has a healthy taste bud than Regular Coke; especially, if you want a healthy lifestyle. The only way if people really want to eliminate some pounds, cut back on your drinking habits, eliminate any type of drink soda that has high sodium and calories. In life society today, Regular Coke can make certain people sick. Regular Coke is very sweet with a lot of sugar. People who have bad health problems, Regular Coke are not perfect to drink. Diet Coke does not taste all that good like Regular Coke because it contains less sugar, less syrup, that is breakdown. In life society today, Diet Coke is the perfect

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