People Of The First Nations

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People of The First Nations For centuries the first European explorers had said that all first nations are the exact same but actually there are all different in their own ways. They all have different hunting, living, cooking, and trading styles. In this essay I will be outlining just a few of the different ways they do things. In each paragraph I will cover each different topic. The living conditions differed tremendously, considered they lived in all different parts of the world. For example the Inuit had lived in the extreme cold which modified their way of living, compared to the Laurention people of the great lakes. The plano people (or the people of the plains) lived among the plains so the living conditions differed there aswell. The Haida lived on the Northeast Coast. The first peoples of the Arctic lived in communities of 50 - 150 people. Their food obtaining methods differed greatly as well. The Paleolithic people were hunters, gatherers and farmers. The people of the great lakes hunted prey in the lakes. The first people of the Arctic, hunted walrus and eat dogs when they went hungry, they also hunter caribou and fish in small groups. The Inuit followed the wales, seals and caribou. The technology was a great difference between the native groups. The people of Atlantic Canada for example constructed fish traps, made bows and arrows, they also made spears, clubs and long stemmed pipes. They made birchbark canoes, show shoes and the unique technology of the toggle head spear. The people of the Arctic made soapstone lamps, snow knives for carving things. They constructed harpoons to catch the creatures of the seam and clubs to beat the m to death once they pulled them to shore. So in conclusion, even by the very few things I’ve mentioned in this essay you can see clearly that the early explorers were wrong. They just judged the Natives

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