Why Did Some Beavers Begin Living In Riverbank Holes?

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The Eager Beaver In the United States, the beaver is one of the largest members of the rodent family. This animal can manipulate the environment to suit its own needs and can even construct its own home. Beavers are vulnerable to predators when they are on dry land, so they need deep water for safety. If nearby water is not deep enough, a beaver will build a dam to make the water deeper. A beaver dam can be very large and can contain thousands of pieces of wood cut by the beaver. Beavers even cut down small trees to eat the bark, leaves and twigs. Because beavers are members of the rodent family, they have four incisor teeth in the front of their mouths that never stop growing, so beavers must continuously chew on wood to keep their teeth…show more content…
3 Cunning and smart. 4 Hard working and industrious. 0% 100% Confident Confident 1. What would be another good title for this passage? D. Hunting for Beavers. E. How Beavers Affect Tree Growth. 1 The Beaver’s Favorite Food. D. The Interesting Habits of Beavers. 0% 100% Confident Confident 2. According to the passage, why did some beavers begin living in riverbank holes? A. They were easier to build than tree branch lodges. B. So that hunters could not use the lodges to find them. C. Because the holes stay warmer in winter than lodges. D. Because more beavers can live together in a hole than a lodge. 0% 100% Confident Confident 5. How do beavers prepare for the winter? 1 They build a dam in which to live. E. They have many babies. F. They store branches under the water. 2 They grow a thick fur coat. 0% 100% Confident Confident On a scale between 1 and 10 with 1 being low and 10 being how well did you like this
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