Death Rituals In Native American Culture

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Death Rituals Death is a topic that has been fought over since the beginning of time. The age old question is, “What happens when you die?”, and many cultures have different theories on what happens. They also have many different rituals that they follow when they are preparing a body after one has passed. The Romans would burn or bury their dead while the Egyptians would build coffins that were man shaped and bury their dead in tombs. Native…show more content…
They moved for reasons such as food, water, and shelter. They crossed over into the Americas around 12,000 years ago. They crossed the land bridge from Siberia to Alaska. Individual tribes had their own death customs, and death rituals usually varied depending on where they were and their surroundings. The artic tribes would leave their dead out in the freezing temperatures for the wild animals to devour. The Hopewell tribe would build amazing and beautifully furnished tombs for their dead. Tribes in the Southeast would dig up corpses after a certain amount of time, clean the bones, and then they were reburied. The Northeast Iroquois tribe would save their dead and have a mass burial. They would bury ornaments and furs for the spirits to use in the afterlife. The tribes’ customs were usually changed over time due to intermarriages and trade. The one thing most tribes had in common was that the believed in 2 souls; one that would die when the person died and one that would wander and eventually die. Some tribes believed that the soul of a person would go into nature and surrounding forces that they encountered in everyday life (deathreference 1). The Native Americans really had no set

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