Pelican Bay State Prison: Social Structure Theory

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Examing Theory Paper CJA/314 Criminology June 7, 2014 G. Andrew Smith There will be discussion on social structure theory. Information about how the video supports social structure theory, the primary subject and content, social issues, and major principles of sociological theory addressed. There also will be discussion about what types of ramifications for a social policy change. The video that I choose was “Pelican Bay State Prison: War Zone” and the social structure theory. The video on “Pelican Bay State Prison: War Zone” had a great abundance of information that crime that is supported evolves from the social structure theory. Prisoners who are living and/or sent to live there at Pelican Bay State Prison have set their own goals to get into there because it is a reward for them rather than a punishment. The reward of this prison is that the meanest and most violent prisoners that leave this prison become gang leaders. Leaders of the gangs that are in the prison will still run the gangs with no fear at all. These leaders of the gangs have no knowledge of any other family but the gang family, which for that they would kill and/or give their life for the gang. Prisoners and gang leaders mostly get their education outside the prison in the streets. The Pelican Bay State Prison is…show more content…
Prison officials are trying to fight back at the leaders, yet there is no good progress. The prison was made to keep the gang members and leaders from continuing such activity of the violence of crime on the streets along with putting some type of scare in them, but the gang members and leaders come to the Pelican Bay State Prison to master their skills. This Pelican Bay State Prison is basically a true war zone, with there being violence in every part of the prison along with leaders making orders for outside

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