Pdhpe - Concepts of Health as a Social Construct

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in the statement “ good health is your responsibility. Act now” we can see that good health is evident in our attitudes and individual behaviours and in the social constructs individuals live in. These attitudes and behaviours are influenced and impacted by many elements of health in different circumstances as health as a social construct varies from one community to another. Many factors combine together to affect the health of individuals and communities. Health is described as a complete state of physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease or sickness, Hence why health is your responsibility. Health can be viewed as relative, this means in relation to another over a period of time, in relation to your potential or in relation to others. Health also is dynamic in its nature, this means that our state of health can change and vary over time, good health is not something you can achieve and have for ever, health must be constantly maintained through out our lives. Health is now widely recognised that there is a relationship between a persons body, mind and spirit, these relationships and components fall under the dimensions of health .There are four main dimensions of health that play in important role in determining and individuals health such as physical, social, mental/emotional and spiritual health. Physical health refers to the state of the physical body, this includes the efficient functioning of body organs, our level of fitness, nutritional status, degree of energy body weight and resistance to disease. Good physical health is described as being fit, having a healthy weight, have good nutritional status and being free of disease and sickness. To an extent, our hereditary and genetic structure determines our physical potential, physical health is largely determined by our life style, behaviour values and individual

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