Patrick Henry's Speech Summary: Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

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On May 29, 1736 Patrick Henry was born in Virginia. Early in his life he became a planter, then later an attorney and politician. Henry was a very passionate and influential speaker. One of Henry’s speeches was later known as the Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death. Parliament and Crown had opposing views on whether or not to have a military group to fight the British. Henry enthusiastically proclaimed his stance on the situation at hand. Henry thought very highly of patriotism and felt that he had the ability to address the House. Even though he did not want to be disrespectful to any of the members, he did not hold anything back. With insisting that there was no time for formality, he realized that this was a terrible time for the country. Henry thought of the current issue as a question of freedom or slavery. He pointed out that freedom should be held in much higher regards than slavery. Henry showed honor toward God in heaven over earthly kings and believed that he had an…show more content…
Argument over the matter has not got them anywhere over the past ten years. So, why should it now? He uses words such as entreaty and humble supplication which implies slaves begging for reprieve or sympathy. In each of these cases, in which all possibilities being exhausted, the king only ignores them. Henry pleads with the people to not deceive them. In the remaining paragraphs of Henry’s speech, reasons are given as to why he supposes that war is not only unavoidable but that it had actually already begun. In doing everything to avert the situation at hand, they were now prostrated in attempting reconciliation to England. Even though they had taken this position of the matter, England acted in response with tyrannical hands toward them. Henry viewed this response as violent and an insult. The only hope for them to become a free people was an appeal to arms and to
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