Abraham Lincoln Innagural Address Analysis

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When Lincoln made his second inaugural address, he did not make it a normal one; it was not the normal address that people were used to listening to every inauguration. He mainly just summarized what happened in the last four years, trying to be as unbiased as possible. This was the second time that Lincoln had to make this address and so he decided to focus on the progress of America and its future. Lincoln, after opening up the speech briefly, starts off by addressing the Civil War. The Civil War was basically the only thing of importance at the time. He says that everyone wanted to avoid the war at all costs yet both sides were ready to go to war. He point out the self contradicting attitudes of both sides of the war. If the entire nation was so focused on not fighting a war, which they weren’t, then there wouldn’t have been a war at all. Lincoln points out that he, as well as the rest of the country, did not want to go to war but realized that it was the only way out of the problems arising. He also goes on to say that both sides had the power to stop the war and that was brewing. He makes clear the fact that, if desired, all violence could have been avoided. Lincoln does a great deal of comparisons between the north and the south in his speech. He brings out the flaws in both sides, and ultimately puts the blame on the feuding between the two sides. Lincoln says that both sides practiced the same religion, to the same god, and with the same book. Both sides justified their actions through the same methods as their opposition. Obviously there is no sense in using the same thing to justify to radically different views, which brings out the hypocrisy in both sides. With this kind of justification and this kind of hypocrisy it’s easy to see why there was the start of a feud in the first place; the two sides took the easy way out. Lincoln also
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