Passive Euthanasia In Canada Essay

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In Canada there are two types of euthanasia: passive and active. Passive euthanasia is when life support devices of medicines are held back from the patient, because they are not improving a person’s life but only keeping them alive (people in comas on life support) and it is easier and less painful to die for the patient. That’s decision however is usually made by a relative or someone of kin because the patient isn’t in the right state of mind to make that decision. Active euthanasia is illegal in Canada, because it requires someone else to intentionally kill another human being. Although both involve the death of a person only one is considered to be illegal and considered murdered why is that? This topic is a very contested idea, because people believe that people should have the right to have their life ended if they don’t want to live through any pain or suffering in their last moments. People want to have a dignified ending to their lives and not let certain diseases or viruses control how their last moments are lived. This also gives family members ample…show more content…
One of the very many issues with legalizing euthanasia is the potential for it to be abuse if passed. For example if a clinically depressed person were to ask there doctor to preform euthanasia on them, that doctor could charge that person thousands of dollars for the operation and assist someone with their suicide even though they are not mentally stable. This doctor could indeed exploit people who aren’t mentally stable and perform thousands of procedures on these people. And clinical depression can be cured so the possibility of having people being killed because they weren’t in the right state of mind would be totally detrimental to the entire criminal code and Canadian

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